Some of Our Great Adventures


Scavenger Hunt Atlanta is a custom adventure company.  We make it how you like it therefore, the possibilities are many. Here is a list of some of our most popular adventures.  


This hunt is a great mix of intrigue, art appreciation and adventure. Typically held in an art galleries, like the High Museum, teams must interact with the art searching for clues that will help them break the mysterious code. Hunters must navigate through the various artworks, and then detect the correct answer within chosen pieces. Once assembled, the full collection of clues helps teams find the key to the hidden treasure chest. Another fast paced, unique adventure sure to captivate all.


Malls are full of interesting stuff, which is what makes them perfect for scavenger hunts. Each mall hunt is customized special for your child to reflect their likes and interests. With so many clues, puzzles and pictures for them to find as well as crazy costume changes, keeping kids engaged in the fun is never a problem, getting them to stop  is usually more difficult.   Kids will be so busy having fun on their own personal adventure they won’t even notice that they are utilizing their reading & problem solving skills, not to mention working together as a team.  And since we take care of everything and host it, you can just relax and enjoy the fun as well.  


If you want to take it back to nature we have just the thing for you: a Wilderness hunt.  We can and have set up wilderness adventures at parks all over the city from; Stone Mountain to Sweetwater Creek.  Our Wilderness hunts are jam packed full of outdoor activities: from shelter building, to finding treasure to catching wildlife we will have you one with nature before you know it and loving every minute of it. Definitely not just for kids, this hunt is for anyone  that enjoys the outdoors. Even those that don't will have a great time with so much excitement going on!

SHA long Team Mod Squad representing the ATL Team Blue 7

They say MARTA is smarter. I’m not sure how true that is but it does make for one clever scavenger hunt.   For an ATL Mad Dash, scavenger hunters ride the rails  of MARTA as they race against other teams & the clock to complete a list of clues. All the answers can be found by searching inside  and within short walking distance of various MARTA train stations. With stops like the Centennial Park, Downtown Decatur, the High Museum or  the historic Oakland cemetary, there is a lot to see and do. This is a fast paced adventure great for any size group that wants to get out and really explore the city. *You can now Mad Dash via the new Atlanta Streetcar. With access to more stops, like the King Center & Auburn Curb Market, the dash is even more exciting than ever!


Imagine a scavenger hunt mixed with a culinary experience. We can take you all around the city sampling various delectables. Or mix it with a Pub Crawl and you've got a fun evening of levity and libations to enjoy. How about an Art Stroll scavenger hunt down Peachtree. All that art you see from your car window is real. You can even touch most of it and we usually do! Explore new neighborhoods and learn about Atlanta.  Our city scavenger hunts can do all this plus more and can be held at any number of  locations. We've  done hunts in Little Five Points, Virgina Highlands, Marietta Square, Centennial Park and countless other locations all over the metro area and beyond.


Players are divided into two teams: The Spies and The Spy Hunters.The Spies: have the challenge of completing a pick-up and a delivery of “classified documents” within the time allotted. Spy Hunters: your job is to prevent the Spies from completing their objective of picking up and delivering the “classified documents” by any means necessary.  I hope you are a good shot or at least good at ducking because for this hunt everyone will be equipped with laser tag gear to make the danger more realistic and exciting. This is truly an epic adventure that will have you getting your Jack Bauer on all over the city.

SHA- big mustache original arts-center-1(1) daVinci_cryptex_-493x340 (2) SPY1

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