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Who We Are

Scavenger Hunt Atlanta is a custom adventure company.


We specialize in crafting excitment & amusement all across Atlanta and beyond. And not just scavenger hunts, we do Murder Mystery Parties, Pub Crawls, CSI Parties and Spy Hunts among others.  We can even work with you to come up with something totally unique that no one else has ever done.  We've worked with groups of all kinds from some of the biggest and best companies in the world like Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Delta to family reunions & individual birthday parties. We've challenged them all &  they liked it!

Call or email today so we can start your custom adventure. 


678-250-4FUN or

Scavenger hunts are great for improving communication and harmony among coworkers. They also encourage strategic thinking and creative problem solving to complete the  different challenges.  And it's just a lot of fun. Not to mention, we can craft a custom adventure specifically with your company message, theme and overall mission in mind. Check out some of the companies that have enjoyed our great adventures...

What We Do

  •  We create custom & unique adventures. No two are ever exactly alike, ever!


  • We take care of everything. Most of our events are turn key events. As in, all you usually  have to do is show up and start having fun.    

  • We'll create a private app for your adventure personalized just for you.


  • We'll bring everything needed for your adventure, including team colors and prizes.


  • We won't leave you alone. An Adventure Guide remains onsite to manage your event from start to finish. So you can just relax and enjoy!

The Perfect Team Building Activity

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